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Open Source

Dragome Web SDK fork me on github!
Takes your Java code to the web
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Features list


  • 100% transparent development: Java code runs on browser with no special modifications
  • Share code between server and client side
  • Java 8 ready! Build your pages using lambda expressions, default methods, streams
  • You can use Dynamic Proxies and Java Reflection API
  • Compilation based on bytecode: You can make use of all bytecode instrumentation tools features
  • Get rid of callbacks: Make async calls with no callbacks! How? See Callback Evictor Tool!
  • Neither browser or IDE plugin, nor configuration or installation required
  • Full Java stack web applications
  • Super fast learning curve
  • Automatic compilation process

Fast web development

  • Pure java on server and client side
  • Debug your code in your favorite Java IDE
  • Javascript native interface
  • Very fast and incremental compilation
  • Forget about code permutations!
  • Detailed debugging: Changes over browser DOM can be visualized step by step.
  • Very powerful template engine
  • Faster generated code
  • .. a lot more ..