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Open Source

Dragome Web SDK fork me on github!
Takes your Java code to the web
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Dragome Todos

  • Integrate other JVM languages (JRuby, Jython, Closure, Groovy, Scala, etc)
    • Classloader implementation is required
    • JRE implementation percentage must be increased
  • Increase Java 8 Stream API implementation percentage.
  • Implement Java 8 Date Time API
  • Faster compile time
  • Create different js for each jar file
  • Custom serialization mechanism configuration
  • History.js support
  • Add more tests
  • A kind of JIT for executing code on server o client depending on bandwidth available and memory and cpu
  • Implement compatibilty layer for running GWT applications directly
  • Implement component for HTML5 Canvas
  • Support server side GUI application execution

Ideas for future versions

  • Integrate UI with Swing, WxWidgets, Android
  • Convert .NET Common Intermediate Language to bytecode to be able to use Dragome with .NET?
  • Multiple threads emulator
    • threadpool
    • round robin for threads
    • use continuations for pausing
  • Add target language such as: PHP, Asm.js, .NET msi