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There are no text configuration files in Dragome, everything is managed by some annotations and extending some classes for configuring for example which plugins are enabled.

Available annotations:

Type of compiler at class level or method level

@DragomeCompilerSettings(CompilerType.Strict (or) CompilerType.Standard)

Page alias

@PageAlias(alias= “{page-name}“)

see hello world example for more info

To specify which class implements a service interface

see Services for more info

For configuring the entire application:

If you want to configure both CallbackEvictor and MethodLogger at the same time you may use this kind of configuration:

public class ExamplesApplicationConfigurator extends ChainedInstrumentationDragomeConfigurator
    private CallbackEvictorConfigurator callbackEvictorConfigurator;
    private MethodLoggerConfigurator methodLoggerConfigurator;

    public ExamplesApplicationConfigurator()
        callbackEvictorConfigurator= new CallbackEvictorConfigurator();

        methodLoggerConfigurator= new MethodLoggerConfigurator(Person.class.getName());

        init(callbackEvictorConfigurator, methodLoggerConfigurator);

    public ExecutionHandler getExecutionHandler()
        return callbackEvictorConfigurator.isEnabled() ? callbackEvictorConfigurator.getExecutionHandler() : super.getExecutionHandler();

You can add bytecode instrumentation configurators using init method. This configurator will make a chain of instrumentations in the order you specify calling init method. Also you may specify from which configurator you take executionHandler so you can disable continuations from there for debugging purposes for example.

For IDEs and Browsers

Debug capabilities are available using: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE 11. Safari will be supported in near future.

There is no installation required, neither browser or IDE plugin required.

Avoiding these sad problems…

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